The Parent's Pledge

Because I love you, my child, I make this pledge to you:

1. I will always love you.
2. I will never end my relationship with you.
3. I will regard you and treat you as a growing and developing human being, and not as a piece of property and not as a part of me.
4. I will do everything I can do to protect you from harm.
5. I will make decisions about you based on your best interests, and not on events of the past nor on my own needs.
6. Through my ongoing presence, my financial support, and my active involvement in your life, I will facilitate your healthy growth and development.
7. In my actions and my words, I will treat the members of our family with understanding, compassion and respect.
8. I will support your right to develop and to maintain affectionate, respectful relationships with people who are important to you.
9. I will help you develop your ability to deal with whatever losses may sadden you in the course of your life.

Signed by: _________________________________ Date: _______________
Signed by: _________________________________ Date: _______________

"The Parent's Pledge" was written by Herman M. Frankel, M.D.