12 Things You Must Know to Survive

1. Play the race card carefully, and at your own peril.

2. Complain all you like about the raw deal you have gotten in life, but don’t expect those complaints to get you anywhere.

3. Expect to do better than the world expects of you; expect to live in a bigger world than the one you see.

4. Don’t expect support for your dreams from those who have not accomplished very much in their own lives.

5. If someone is bringing out your most self-destructive tendencies, acknowledge that that person is not your friend.

6. Don’t be too proud to ask for help, particularly from those who are wiser and older.

7. Recognize that being true to yourself is not the same as being true to a stupid stereotype.

8. Don’t let the glitter blind you.

9. Don’t expect competence and hard work alone to get you the recognition or rewards you deserve.

10. You must seize the time, for it is already later than you think.

11. Even if you have to fake it, show some faith in yourself.

12. Don’t force innocent others to bear the price of your pain.