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Dog Fancy Magazine
"Fido comes First" - Take your dog's viewpoint when deciding where he'll live
By Sally Deneen
LA Times
"To Love, Honor and Belly-Scratch" - Marriages come and go. Judging by the rising number of pet-custody disputes, though, some passions endure.
By Sanjiv Bhattacharya

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"It Took a Herd of Elephants" - published by The Los Angeles Paralegal Association
"InterMEDIATE Step" - published in Singles Source Magazine
"How's Your Support?" - published in Singles Source Magazine

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"Straight-Shooting Lawyers Kill Two Birds With One Stone"
article in Berbay Legal Blog 2012
Judith Weigle is a professional mediator at Extreme Mediation and performs attorney-client fee mediations for the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

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"Real Life Reality Shake-Up Requires Mediation Skills"
There was a news piece recently about an Oregon man who was charged with the crime of catching rainwater and using it to irrigate his property, and to prevent fires on the largely wooded acreage, as he has been doing for 20 years, he says. The local government is the plaintiff in the case.
"Good Mediators Don’t Predetermine the Solution to a Dispute"
One of the most difficult things a mediator must do is resist judging the outcome of a mediation before it convenes. If we pre-judge the dispute we won’t engage in active listening. We’ll be listening through the ears of our judgment.
"Vicki Gunvalson’s Paralyzing Moment: 'If I Don’t Support Her, I’ll Lose Her'"
Paralyzing moments hit everybody when they are least expected. The shock of the information is what makes the encounter paralyzing.

"If Bethenny Frankel Was My Mediation Client"
OMG! Dr. Amador, Bethenny Frankel’s therapist, gave her the exact same advice in Monday night’s May 14th episode of “Bethenny Ever After” that I gave in my post in early May 2012 titled Perfect Words for Paralyzing Moments.
"Speak From the Heart"
My Roger Davies story turned out surprisingly well. I had to respond in a confrontation with him; punting wasn’t a possibility.
"Perfect Words for Paralyzing Moments"
Have you experienced at least one paralyzing moment in your life? They are those times when we are unexpectedly confronted by someone who, by the message they are delivering, is threatening our security and control over our livelihood, an intimate relationship, a friendship, or a family bond.

"Nothing Beats Listening in a Dispute"
It’s hard to listen.  The voice in our own heads demands our constant attention.  We have our points of view; and of course, they are well thought out positions of fact.  But I have found that the best way to engage in a tough discussion is to listen.
"Detaching From Money is Gold"
Detaching from a financial opportunity is extremely hard. It always has been difficult to walk away from an income source, but more so now that the economy is so fragile and work insecure.

The Impact of Wealth
Wealth is tricky. It can help and hurt relationships.
Admit Apologize Change Three steps towards resolving disputes quickly
Racial Indiscrimination Look within yourself before assigning prejudice to others.
The Value of Waiting In a non-litigated dispute, there is a value to waiting before engaging in a response or when asking your disputant to mediate with you.
Miracle Mediation The power of conversation, even with attorney representative, is miraculous in mediations.
Collecting Injustices Blocks Solutions The door to lasting negotiated change is knowing when to put the list of injustices down and focus on the motivations of the perpetrator.

The Power of Dialogue Dialogue is the only way to fully communicate your thoughts and wishes.
Self-Reflection Removes Impasses A mediation story where self-relflection enabled a dispute solution
Victims Aren’t Winners Taking yourself out of victim status opens the door to solutions
Welcome to My Mediation A little background on how I conduct mediations
The Role of Mediator A few tips on choosing a mediator
About Mediation This is a description of a standard mediation process.

Four Self Mediating Tips Please share your self mediating stories with us!
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